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Cute long distance dating ideas

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Seriously, take your phone and FaceTime as you walk along somewhere! Definitely need to convince my boyfriend on that one… 7. Or play chess or checkers with an online version. FaceTime while you walk and show your beloved where you work, where you go to school, where you hang out—or even show him or her some historical landmarks. Click To Tweet 1. What did you do to create memories if you dated long distance? Read aloud to each other. But it can be a tough day if you live hundreds, or even thousands, of miles apart. Are you looking for a new long-distance date idea? Take a look at this piece on character strengths for more on that. Make a shared pinterest board.

Cute long distance dating ideas

Read aloud to each other. Show your beloved the highlights of your city on FaceTime Take turns giving each other tours of your town. My boyfriend and I like to learn songs and sing them together, but you could also help each other study. But you can still do that long distance! Alternatively, you can create a LDR bucket list together. What a terrible reason not to talk to someone I miss dearly! So, put on some makeup and do your hair, or whatever makes you feel pretty and special in the moment. Such a cool idea! And pray for each other at the same time. Getting beyond talking about your day is the quickest way to get to know your partner better. Play a game—chess or checkers or something else you love Choose a 2-player game to play where you each have a copy. Putting some effort into open when letters can pay off for weeks or months. You get to experience something together! Seriously, take your phone and FaceTime as you walk along somewhere! Do a Bible study together If you can pray together, your relationship will stay rock solid! What a nice way to learn something and stay connected. Pick the same restaurant and go at the same time, while FaceTiming. Cook and eat together. Go to a Chain restaurant together and order together Want a dinner out? Make a list of 10 funny things, and see who can get the most hilarious shots. Dance together, laugh together, Bible study, watch each other work, etc. I am so guilty of letting my mind or my hands wander, and I end up picking up my phone or messing with something else. This one seems really fun, but I have yet to do it! Bring the computer along and put him on the dining room table so he can be part of the conversation. Make a shared pinterest board. In fact, because you have to be so creative and deliberate you can even get to know each other better long distance than you would have had you been dating in the same city.

Cute long distance dating ideas

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