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Dating agent pro demo

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To add the text and button to this area, simply paste in this code. But remember these three things that allow you some flexibility on the homepage, as I have shown you in the video: Here are some of them that I currently have tutorials on and are specially made for Genesis. Your Homepage A lot of Genesis themes have a homepage that is controlled completely by widgets. If so, this plugin makes it as easy as creating a new page on your site. Genesis Page — Have you ever wanted to customize the page someone gets with a Error Not Found? Content Archives This setting controls how your actual blog page will look. Please note that links on this site may be affiliate links. I explain about this more in the video. Here is a video that will show you how. But I recommend these settings to show limited content there. In fact, you will find these same options below each single post and page. The Background Image WordPress version 4. Genesis Simple Comments — Easily edit any of the content that is built into your theme around the comment area.

Dating agent pro demo

This tutorial will help you understand more about this theme—what it can do and not do— and help you confidently use it without any unexpected surprises In this tutorial you will learn about all the features this theme has to offer. Also, keep in mind, if you do not put a widget area in most of these, that area just does not show. This plugin gives you a ton of options that work with some specific Genesis child themes. What makes it so unique is that it puts your message front and center, without a lot of distractions. This screenshot shows you what widget controls what area. I explain about this more in the video. For example, you can change font, font style, color and size, navigation menu styles, and just about any other part of your site you would have to normally know CSS to change. Genesis Simple Edits — An easy way to edit your blog post info and meta, such as author name, post categories, etc. Since every site need is different, you will ad the widgets you feel are good for your site and for your readers. Here is a video that will show you how. Simply upload the image here. Not just to fill them. So for example, if you want no sidebars on a selected page, you can choose full layout. The way this theme is set up to things to note. Home Bottom Again, to set this up like the demo, add the featured post widget to the Home Bottom widget. Simply click that thumbnail and save to set it. But if you were to size down your screen, and with this theme being mobile responsive, they suddenly go to two across, leaving a fourth big blank space. Please note that links on this site may be affiliate links. You may think that three will work just as well in one row like this. Or if you want a custom sidebar for a specific page or post, use the Genesis Simple Sidebars plugin. So not every image will work well here. Reason being is that in order for it to be mobile responsive works on tablets, smartphones, etc. To add the text and button to this area, simply paste in this code. Content left, primary sidebar right. These foot widget areas are totally optional and you will want to make sure that if you use them, you are putting content in that adds to the functionality of your site.

Dating agent pro demo

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