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Dating ambassadeur 5000 reel

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During all my years of collecting, Simon has been the biggest influence in my collecting life and I wish to thank him for that very much. Record Ambassadeur A is added to the line up in along with the debut of Record Ambassadeur and is the first known "A" model. Acetone evaporates quickly and removes all fingerprints to give your reel the mirror finish it had when it left the assembly line. Starting with the Ambassadeurs, notably the Record Ambassadeur , they did not have any numbering system employed at all. I can confirm some of the earliest known serial numbers belonging to the 3-screw version of C De Luxe models. The composition make-up of these plastic parts will not break down in Acetone. The best part of this combo is the box sticker with matching serial number of the reel. In fact, the trade catalog is Garcia's official introduction to the public for the Ambassadeur , A and model. This reel had a 4-screw frame. After the sixties ended, the format became which meant September, , first production run of the model without changes. All metal parts can be cleaned easily using the Q-tip. It would be twenty years later in , when "A" was engraved beside the model number. Between Simon and I, we hope to accomplish this through discovery of new serial numbers. Only the 3-screw version was included.

Dating ambassadeur 5000 reel

An example might be This is when I contacted Simon with my information and pictures. Here are two examples of the differences you may encounter with over lapping parts. Q-tips are the basic cleaning tool. Those were first used in and foot numbers had already taken place by mid It's also during this time when "Record" engraving is removed and "ABU" permanently took its place on the model. Below is a photo of one of the very first C's produced in January with it's supporting schematic reflecting lot number 01 08 When I first viewed the reel I sat up in my chair and took note. I can confirm some of the earliest known serial numbers belonging to the 3-screw version of C De Luxe models. If you have any others not listed in my collection, that are unneeded or doubles in your collection and are available for a reasonable fee, I would be very pleased to hear from you. If you live in a very low humidity environment such as Arizona, you may have to apply this product sooner. Fortunately for collectors they can still be identified upon close inspection. Designation for Thumbar is also in the second digit such as C. The answer is simple: Not wanting to disturb Simon yet, I kept the listing to myself until a few days later when another one comes to auction which is the one pictured here. I gave him some of my confirmed serial numbers as well. Once done, you can pour Acetone in a coffee cup and soak these parts. While spool and star drag color arrangements listed below are the ones most often seen with respect to the category they fall under, there may be variations not listed. Lot De Luxe This is the first presentation model Abu made and was introduced in An unknown number of them were manufactured sometime between and very early This is the plate opposite the handle. In other words, you shouldn't normally find a reel made in late with grooved rim side plates. Normally a parts design change would have prompted the version number to change but this didn't happen until January of I'm sure a whole book could be written on the topic an who knows, maybe one will be forthcoming one day. Looking at the numbered dial around the bearing housing, the "7" font on the right is correct for ABU original and reproductions and has never changed.

Dating ambassadeur 5000 reel

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