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Dynamic software updating pdf

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Moreover, he introduces a mechanism developed to support the dynamic update of Argus programs. Start a new process with the new version of the binary code 2. Segal and Frieder [66, 33] identify the following requirements of a DSU mechanism: In runtime, different versions of a component can coexist. On the other hand, according to the assumptions pointed out above, we can assume that some kind of state transfer process see Section 5. Stop the original primary replica Although in some cases it is not explicitly said in the procedure sketches provided in [67], the three of them depend on some state transfer step to copy the state of a current component to the new version of the component see Sections 3. First, a procedure is active if it is in the runtime stack this is, if it is being executed or if its new version is able to call any active procedure. Instead, we try to keep the survey-oriented nature of the report, by organizing its sections as follows. They propose a mechanism to manage changes in a distributed system. The update considers information local to the component to update. A dynamic upgrade support system is required to be easily extensible.

Dynamic software updating pdf

Basically, this algorithm is composed by the following steps: Preferably, this part should be provided by the update mechanism itself, in a more or less automatic way. It can be static changes are applied at a source code level , load time changes are applied at load- or link-time and dynamic changes are applied in runtime. Kramer and Magee [49] identify the following requirements: Regarding the update procedure, it is performed by the bus and the proxies. Typically, a number of alternatives can be considered: If so, shutdown the replica, apply the software update, restart it, update its state from the states of other replicas and remove it from the set of candidate replicas. It uses them to perform the necessary checks in runtime and if necessary, invoke the proper transformation functions. A regular node is usally active in the sense that it can be sending and receiving data to and from other nodes. The idea is that a node could be active respect to a given connection and passive respect to another. There should be some mechanisms to decide in which moment an update has to be applied. A dynamic update should not lead the system to an incorrect state. Roughly speaking, the procedure consists of the following steps: At some point, transfer to the new process the state of the original process 3. This kind of connections between the update mechanisms and the managed processes or applications has been also found in some other papers see Section 5. If needed, they are even able to hide to the old version of a procedure, the existence of new versions of the data types so it can go on operating with the old data types it knows. Once an update from an old version to a new version is performed, clients only provide input acceptable to the new version. In case the dynamic update process degrades some part of the system, this must be small and well isolated. Then a number of steps are followed: In case some failure happens, a rollback procedure should be performed. The update mechanism should allow to roll-back the updates although it will not always be possible. First, a level of indirection is added between the updateable function and a call to it from the client code. The idea is that it may be useful to relax de backwards compatibility requirements of the update mecha- nism to avoid further complications. For instance, in a distributed system in which all the nodes are strongly coupled, the whole system may become completely temporarily stalled. The idea of consistency used in those goals refers to the state of the communications among the nodes.

Dynamic software updating pdf

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