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Im dating a compulsive liar

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So what I think about this is that he puts people into little boxes. Eventually the confronter will become very sick through their confronting, while the liar will move on with little or no scars from the interaction. Even if your situation is not so threatening, in the long run compulsive lying needs to be treated if you want to have a trusting and transparent relationship with your partner. Compulsive lying can worsen to the level of a dysfunctional personality and it is not unknown for such people to have harmful addictions. But I always have to move far away. The time and effort I invested in trying to catch him lying actually killed all my feelings for him. I see other wonderful sides of him as well, and try to see him as a patient going through healing. Compulsive liars offer nothing but lies after lies. I am 45 years old now. I now fear the only thing to do is walk away, and hope that she can get professional help. He has created this completely false persona to hide from his own failures, which are pretty small in comparison to others. With no real negative points. So I confront him with what I know to be well versed fact and he starts to cry or scream saying he is "sorry" and did not want me to get "angry. They are master liars: When I met him he had recently lost his wife, I wanted to just be friends, but he insisted on being ready to date. I lost a few other friends, because she convinced them I was a bad person. My own observations is that the liar will come clean when it serves their purpose and return to lying when it serves their purpose.

Im dating a compulsive liar

While she is doing this, she is trying to convince everyone that she is not lying. Their lies are often pointless and their inconsistencies and contradictions in their stories highlight this. She admitted to having had an affair and pursuing at least 2 separate ones during our business relationship. Eventually, he or she will be forced to present extraordinary excuses. Imagine the realization of this from your spouse. At first I would scream, cry, argue and act out in direct effect to his lies most of them were rather ridiculous, large lies at this point. I guess she was through with me, so this was her way of disposing of me. With no real negative points. As for my boyfriend, I tried to confront him by telling him that lying will eventually make you lose trust and respect from others around you. If your partner is a pathological liar, he or she will take the time to study you and learn your weaknesses so that it is easier for them to manipulate or take advantage of you. At first he was a normal, average Joe. LEAVE at the first sign of a serious lie. Eventually though if you are interested in a long term relationship with this person, the only solution is to seek professional help for your partner. My own observations is that the liar will come clean when it serves their purpose and return to lying when it serves their purpose. This problem was not apparent when we first married, but became more apparent as the responsibilities of a relationship and parenthood arrived. I grew up in a middle class family. I have learned, with her, that when she lies she does show it. What he does feel bad about is himself. Asking you to repeat yourself: I do not even have a desire to be with him in a physical way now. Your partner spends time studying you: I began to lie to my parents and tell them my homework was done so I could go play with friends sooner. He lies frequently, about stupid things and big things. She said she read it can be caused by traumatic events occurring as a child, and she has, reportedly, had those. She was crying her heart out to me. When even your young children, the ones you adore, look at you differently because of your lying habit. Once I got my feet under me, and started investigating I uncovered lie after lie concerning her parents, my parents, me, my friends, you name it.

Im dating a compulsive liar

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