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Ryan big brother 2014 dating show

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On Day 23, she returned as a guest for the "For Whom the Bell Tolls" task, where she confronted both Casey and Lee before leaving again shortly after. Liz received a total of 20 nominations from each housemate, the second highest from Jim's 22 nominations. Jasmine, Lee, Lionel, Luisa, Ollie and Sam were invited to an " 18 " party, suitable for adult viewers only, and Casey, Dappy, Jim, Linda and Liz were invited to a "U" party, where they played children's games. Each housemate had the chance to show off their talent and be judged by the three judges, Jim, Linda and Luisa. It feels definitely like a well earned break from the Big Brother house. According to the Belfast Telegraph , she entered in an attempt to make a turn around from her personal struggles and living from the UK benefits system. To pass the task, Lee had to believe it was a genuine fan. However, she was unaware that everyone else knew what her task was and to pass it, they had to make her fail. Liz Jones[ edit ] Elizabeth "Liz" Jones is a British journalist and newspaper columnist, who was a former editor of Marie Claire magazine. On Day 1, she entered the house, handcuffed to Jasmine Waltz, before being released on Day 2. On Day 20, she was evicted with the least amount of the public vote. But after winning immunity on Day 3, the two were set free. Dressed in a skin-tight pencil skirt and low cut crop top that could barley contain her ample cleavage, it's no surprise the winner struggled to keep his eyes off her. However, this was a lie, and the housemate with the fewest votes was evicted on Day However, Jasmine was allowed to save two of these housemates. Day 9 Tasks Sam was given a secret mission to win the housemates' family photos. The two were freed from their handcuffs on Day 2.

Ryan big brother 2014 dating show

This resulted in the housemates having no hot water until further notice. The remaining handcuffed pairs had another chance to free themselves and win immunity. Whilst in the house, she came out as bisexual and revealed that she sought treatment for sex addiction. According to the Belfast Telegraph , she entered in an attempt to make a turn around from her personal struggles and living from the UK benefits system. Whilst in the house, Linda constantly argued with Jim. She was evicted on Day Exits Liz became the fourth housemate to be evicted. These included testing Lee and Liz' physical pain limits, seeing whether Jasmine and Luisa could identify which housemate tweets from viewers were about, Jim indulging in a gruesome meal with the alien and housemates being abducted and staying overnight in a spaceship. They both had to choose a side to stand on and explain their reasons for choosing that side. Both teams went head to head in mini games to see which team was the overall winner. Dappy entered the house on Day 1 handcuffed to Liz Jones. As Jasmine and Sam matched the most answers, they won the task. One by one the housemates took it in turns to answer questions in the "Last Chance Saloon" that were either asked by their fellow housemates or by viewers. She posed for various lads' magazines such as Nuts and Zoo. As all pairs finished with the same sized towers, they voted for who they thought deserved immunity the most. Day 9 Tasks Sam was given a secret mission to win the housemates' family photos. These housemates were Casey, Jim and Lionel. Lee won this, but unbeknownst to him, the "superfan" was actually an actress and had a secret earpiece where she was given questions from the other housemates to ask Lee. She originally followed a career in fashion journalism , but her work has broadened into confessional writing. Nominations Jim, Liz and Sam received the most nominations from their housemates and faced the next eviction. Following the launch night's twist and task, she and Dappy were later free from their handcuffs, but both were therefore automatically nominated to face the first eviction. For every item he rapped about, he won them for the house. They decided the top two in each category such as "Most Fake" or "Most Rude", and then decided which of the two housemates should come top of the poll and therefore be covered in slime. Each pair had to untie themselves and a key for their handcuffs from knotted rope. I could just sit with Katie and muck around and pull faces and all that normal kind of stuff and it felt normal for me,' he said of his relationship with the busty brunette. Punishments As punishment for discussing nominations, Dappy had to wear a nappy until further notice.

Ryan big brother 2014 dating show

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