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Selmer clarinet serial number dating

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From the beginning, the Leblancs were constantly guided by scientific principles and inspired by their inborn musical genius. As a result of this relentless dedication toward progress, Georges Leblanc and his son, Leon, set up their Paris workshop as the first full-time acoustical research laboratory for wind instruments. The "Bolero" and "Largo" trombone models, developed with Gabriel Masson, are also put on the market the same year. Georges Selmer is named president. This will strongly contribute to the development of their sales in the US. The production rises to instruments per month. Long ago, Georges Leblanc established the basic tenets of integrity, musicianship and creativity for his firms to live by. Launch of the "Pro-Line" range of military band instruments. Selmer guitars[ edit ] In Selmer partnered with the Italian guitarist and luthier Mario Maccaferri to produce a line of acoustic guitars based on Maccaferri's unorthodox design. Soon, in the s, due to an ever-growing school market, demand for Leblanc instruments in the United States was far greater than the French concern could meet, so Leblanc began producing plastic-bodied clarinets in Kenosha. No inlining of these pages allowed. Based in La Couture-Boussey for two and a half centuries, it is among the oldest continuously operating companies in France. Hello,not sure if you can help. The consequences were that these very expensive musical instruments were used, damaged, and returned unsold to the UK warehouse, where attempts were made to repair them with the limited facilities on hand, as the distribution agreement with the manufacturing base in Kalamazoo, Michigan , did not allow for the return of defective items.

Selmer clarinet serial number dating

Transformation of the company from S. Around workmen work at Selmer. There, he has the opportunity to play under the conductor Gustav Mahler. With the growth of skiffle music and the arrival of rock and roll in the mids, Selmer UK began producing guitar and bass amplifiers. Exclusive distribution rights obtained in France for "Vincent Bach" U. In the early s, despite Selmer's apparent market domination, The Shadows ' and The Beatles ' endorsement of Vox amplifiers relegated Selmer guitar amplifiers to a distant second place in sales. To this end, I have dedicated my life. Release of the trumpet model "Radial 2". One or the other of them was supposedly lying around the Paris factory as late as the s, but no sign of them has been seen or heard since. Stamped on all Selmer Paris instruments, this original logo is still used today as the seal of authenticity for the original "Henri Selmer Paris". New editions of the "Soloist" mouthpieces are released. Annual production of the Mark VI is over instruments. Grand Prize at the Exhibition of Liege. The workshop at Place Dancourt is reserved for welcoming musicians. Selmer celebrates its th anniversary and explores the limits of theme-based pricing with a retro-themed "Adolphe Sax Tribute Limited Edition" alto saxophone. I have played every single Selmer model made until the latest ones, and might mention that I was a clinician for the Selmer Company for 30 years. Please contact Mark Charette and the authors for reprint information. Henri Selmer begins manufacturing reeds and mouthpieces. I am puzzled and wonder what model it might be…. If all their operations were to be performed separately, it would have been impossible to achieve Leblanc's legendary consistency and precision in construction. Leblanc in America traces its origins to the founding of Ets. The factory which purchased from Music and Plastic Industries. Farkas still lends his name comprises the world's bestselling student and professional French horns. The management of the company made various lukewarm attempts to gain endorsement from aspiring musicians but became increasingly distant from the developments in pop culture from the mids considering that its role was to support "real" or established professional musicians and not the headliners of the pop industry. Release of the trumpet "Sigma" model.

Selmer clarinet serial number dating

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