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Spiceworks inventory not updating

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I realize this is a shortcoming of windows and dcom etc. Though Spiceworks Network Monitor is excellent software, it doesn't win our Editors' Choice in our infrastructure management service roundup, a designation that instead goes to MMSoft Pulseway. Is your last question about network printers or local shared printers connected to computers? Buy premium support cases when you get in a bind. It also saves you a lot of time once you figure out the strengths. Firewall rules require ports and pings shared with other windows services. I could spend weeks getting the other devices working. They have probably the best support community on the internet and fill their niche well. The functions are well-chosen and everything works solidly for the most part, which is in sharp contrast to some of the network monitoring solutions we've recently seen, such as Datadog. If you need even more specific details, then you can click a specific parameter in the Critical Device window, and the graph for that parameter is expanded and additional details show up on the screen with it. However, most of the major limitations have been eliminated.

Spiceworks inventory not updating

Spiceworks Network Monitor at Bottom Line: There is no change tracking and no email notifications yet. Notification about changes in assets or so. The server interface is SLOW and very bulky. Here are some pissed off users. They have probably the best support community on the internet and fill their niche well. I dont see there printers, or switches like in another programs. Because the scaling of the graphs is automatic, there can be times when a tiny number seems to generate a large movement on the dashboard's graphs. I would be nice and post that info in their forums but they have wasted too much of my time to warrant my contribution. You can choose to look at specific devices in significantly more detail with what Spiceworks calls a Critical Device Widget. As you connect each server or device, a moving graphical display is added to the dashboard under the appropriate heading. You do not need to be a professional network engineer to implement the product and you don't need to be in the IT department to use it. This can be useful if a graph appears to show a high number or level of activity because you can confirm the actual number. I got to the point where I have a powershell script of an insane size to prepare a computer to actually be seen by spiceworks. The inventory system is lacking when it comes to producing accurate information. Use the IT ninja community, they are great even for packaging and distribution on other platforms. Several double checks and a little packet sniffer work. At 47 employees in my company it is just a cute toy for amateurs who need help fast. The serial number is not reported by the hardware, as to our knowledge, and WMI Windows Management Instrumentation does not have such field for printers. Did i get linked to on the forums at spiceworks? Use a tool that works. Most outstanding is the support. For now my solution is to use Hyperic. We've chosen to use LanSweeper to track assets. In addition, you can control when Spiceworks Network Monitor sends out emails so, while such an alert may show up on the dashboard, you do not need to get emailed about it. We get all data from WMI.

Spiceworks inventory not updating

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