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Using intuition in dating

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Regret An easy test of whether you are experiencing intuition or fear is to ask yourself a simple question. When we learn a new craft or skill we expect to spend time learning and mastering it. The most prominent feeling in my life was the feeling of loneliness , even when, or especially when, I was with another man. So listen to your heart, take into account other perspectives—your own and others'—and then make your decision. When we can learn to be compassionate and accepting of our self we learn to also listen to the intuitive voice that is trying to guide us from within. However, the initial fit is a considerable boost to the establishment of long-term profound love. Our love is often based upon our romantic intuitions, which have developed before we meet someone. Fear focuses on the short-term downside vs the longterm upside — a recipe for regret. Just because it is a natural ability it still needs cultivation to be used skillfully. The resistance to our infinite knowing is reduced by the need to know. Your intuition will always guide you towards optimum growth and fulfillment of your life purpose. Can you sit with yourself, with your own thoughts and feelings and tolerate what you hear and feel?

Using intuition in dating

Those of us who are intuitive are tired of being bullied by those who have no idea what they are talking about. Intuition is an excellent starting point. Yet fear is more clever than that. It comes from deep inside your body, so it feels many times as real if not more so than intuition. We know there will be a learning curve and this is also true of developing our intuition. Intuition made sure I was in the right place, and thinking took care of the details, making sure it was feasible. Your intuition is the gateway to a world of freedom. Hence, we may be predisposed to love a certain type of person even before getting to know a specific individual. In other words, if not acted upon, it generally persists. Our love is often based upon our romantic intuitions, which have developed before we meet someone. It takes time, practice, attention and mentoring with feedback. While my intuition told me I wanted to go for a walk and see the sites, my logical mind picked the optimal route and made sure my day was scheduled appropriately to fit everything in. Should a romantic relationship be recommended only if you have such a romantic intuition? So rather than use logic as our primary life-decision making tool, we need to start thinking ha about it instead as an auxiliary. We should not mistrust our romantic intuition, but we should also not base our relationship decisions on such feelings alone. To tune into intuition regularly we need to feel safe, relaxed and able to quiet our mind and emotions so that we can hear the quieter voice of intuition. Intuition has been defined as knowing something without knowing how you know it. For example, this past winter I got the urge to stay in downtown Warsaw before my flight back to the United States. Not the other way around. For instance, the third eye is the subtle version of our physical eyes. Your intuition will never belittle or demean you. It will turn your cognitive abilities against you. When we learn a new craft or skill we expect to spend time learning and mastering it. Our individual and evolutionary history is embedded in these structures. They have also located brain cells in the gut and correspondingly the gut has its own way of thinking.

Using intuition in dating

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