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Vega banjo serial number dating

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There is some enthusiasm among luthiers these days to fashion wooden tone rings. I cannot find any pictures remotely close online. It has two tension rods in the head. All the best, Barry Bob L. Hope this helps, Dr. July 19, at 2: They did not get into the banjo business until they purchased the Vega banjo serial number dating. It is number E-5 in a limited edition of 16 instruments made in In that year, the factory relocated from Leon St. You might try a Fiberskyn head which I put on my open back long neck Ode banjo years ago to mellow the tone. It is not clear why Martin initiated this product line. May 22, at 2: Bush says in his June Frets Magazine cover story about the Kingston Trio that Dave purchased this instrument in "late Datng to Mike Longworth at the Martin Setial Company which purchased the Vega Company in May ofVega's records were very sketchy and did not include specific information as to when good dating places in atlanta Pete Seeger vega banjo serial number dating was introduced. The number is painted on the bottom not pressed in the wood. Been used in the studio and loaned to a friend about 30 years ago while he his banjo was being repaired. I would love some photos of your V to upload with this post.

Vega banjo serial number dating

The finish was sunburst. June 1, at 2: It looks identical to the one posted with photos on last July 8…only difference is that mine does not have the Martin decal on the back of the peg head. Hope this helps, Dr. Mandolin is in great shape.. Gibson Jumbo Deluxe and J Worthy of mention is the Jumbo Deluxe, though it is believed that only 3 were ever made in They are essentially an Advanced Jumbo with minor compromises: Martin, and the line was discontinued in Pricing for 4 strings and 5 strings have dropped considerably over last years for vintage banjos—Voxes have held more than others. I have original case. If you need photos I can take a few and send them to you on a subsequent time. They did not get into the banjo business until they purchased the Vega banjo serial number dating. Another trick is to stuff a T-shirt in the pot between the head and the connecting rod to further reduce overtones for a more funky sound. I play mostly Bluegrass, so I like to tune my banjo heads to A or A sharp. The use of a brass band on the wood rim also appeared on some models at this time, to improve sound. Any insights appreciated along with your understanding of when it was manufactured, components, what it originally sold for and current market value. Hope this helps and thanks for your post, Barry Reply Rob says: October 4, at 1: Similarly, I have seen photos of Peggy Online dating japan english playing a long-neck Vega with the same inlay pattern eg. Martin shortly after its bitter luthier strike following which their banjo production dwindled to almost nothing in Nazareth, PA. We tested the system with a Fishman Loudbox mini amp and the true acoustic tone is stunning. Note the two resonator types. April 3, at 2: These three top-of-the-line instruments were sent to Japan for assembly. However, I would like to know more about it. It originally came with an arm rest, rotomatic tuning pegs, and a plastic head. BTW if I am identifying the right part my tone ring is flat with a series of 3 hole then space then 3 holes all the way round.

Vega banjo serial number dating

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