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Video dating tape david firth meaning

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Episode 5 — Picnic[ edit ] Release date: Is their childhood now also damaged, damaged without their own fault? Salad Fingers calls her his new playmate and compliments her on her dress, and as he does this, Marjory Stewart-Baxter is seen in the window, jealous. Episodes[ edit ] Each episode is 2—10 minutes long. Firth also said that after he finishes editing Salad Fingers, he might also revive the series Burnt Face Man. Salad Fingers then plays a merry tune on the flute, showing odd dexterity for having his hand covered in nettle sores. The object may be a tumour that has caused Salad Fingers sickness as he feels better after 'giving birth' to her. Episode 9 — Letter[ edit ] Release date: He attempts to fetch it, but it is drawn away on the string as bait. There is a flashback in which Salad Fingers measures the distance from his door to a tree named "Mr. Salad Fingers approaches it warily and threatens Roger with expulsion from the house. Although he refers to her as "little sister", Salad Fingers makes sexual remarks to Bordois, saying "Your body is so much fun. Salad Fingers is unable or unwilling to distinguish between living beings and inanimate objects, and is frequently found talking to various inert articles notably his finger puppets and in two cases a human corpse. The inside Salad Fingers is now seen with the Jeremy Fisher finger puppet.

Video dating tape david firth meaning

He arrives at the house from episode 1 , where the small, yellow-skinned human-like creature with big eyes lives. The tree cries, calling Salad Fingers "Daddy" and asking to be let inside, but Salad Fingers refuses until it "grows out of those branches". In episode eight, Salad Fingers calls Cumberdale a "dirty immigrant" after dropping him in a chamber pot. Whilst describing the picnic fare, Salad Fingers rubs his stomach in hunger, then claims to have been rudely disconnected. Salad Fingers then impales his finger on the spike and begins bleeding, blissfully saying "I like it when the red water comes out. Sometimes he also displays a raspy asthmatic -like breathing when he becomes mesmerized at something or experiences extreme pleasure. All records are self-released except where noted: Just downvote and move on, or upstage them by submitting something even creepier. She is implied that she is his long-awaited child, saying that he "yearned for [the] day" she would arrive. Sitting in a wheelchair and appearing to feel better despite his wound, he pulls back the skin of one finger revealing a strange solid tip and dips it in ink to write a "letter," or at least what he thinks is one, since he reads it aloud, consisting only of scribbles. Inside his house, Salad Fingers sees a grey woodlouse coming out from a hole in the wall. The next scene shows Salad Fingers turning a cog which pulls a clothesline, drawing Kenneth out of a wardrobe, now dressed in a white dinner jacket. She is nothing but Salad Fingers' hand "walking" across the ledge. The episode ends with an external shot of the house panning back to reveal the toilet, possibly implying a sinister connection, or past trauma involving the fixture. He keeps Yvonne which appears to be wrapped in a bundle of newspapers down in a pit and tells her off for not doing her exercises. Roger, according to Salad Fingers, must be given 'sustenance' in the form of small brown pellets which appear to be beans, BBs, or marbles. After feeding Roger his "sustenance" which seems to be marbles, peas, rocks or beans , it begins to emit a strange, piercing frequency. The name "Salad Fingers" was invented by Firth's co-writer, Christian "Crust" Webb, who described Firth as having salad fingers while playing the guitar. The Balloon-Man symbolizes the sexual perversion of the world. No memes, religious discussions, or politics. As the child reaches into the oven, Salad Fingers sees a rusty nail jutting out of the wall and reaches to caress it, causing the oven door to close with the child still inside. The conversation starts off just like the earlier one with Jeremy Fisher, but goes on to include accusations that Jeremy Fisher has been "tailgating [his] daughter with aspirations of deflowering her rose ". Salad Fingers appears to be autosadistic , as he can be seen taking pleasure from impaling his finger on a nail, rubbing stinging nettles on himself or inadvertently stepping onto a hidden bear trap. After asking what "she" has been collecting, he acts as though the bug gives him a response. When Salad Fingers awakens he sits in a pool of his own blood. He also created a Flash animation series called Jerry Jackson in which a cartoon character claims to be a professional animator, even though the animation is intentionally poorly crafted.

Video dating tape david firth meaning

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