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Vshost exe config not updating

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You can see this by using Task Manager to see the running processes. The first workaround, the most common, is to merge the dll. There are lots of details to worry about. This post will clarify how the config file is treated while running inside VS. Beginning a few versions back VS started using the VS hosting process for debugging processes. These changes will be automatically seen when the program runs under the debugger. That is just too much code to write. Note that if you call the file anything else then this process will not work. There are forum postings all the time from devs who are confused as to why their dll. The only way to emulate this behavior would be to copy the modified configuration back to the root project and rename it. In that case, debugging your app would be a nightmare if you had to reset your app. There are number of important settings that can be stored in the configuration file. This is generally the easiest approach and can be done at build time. NET - Difference between config file and vshost config file? Rarely should you change the name. But first an aside. Let me say it again.

Vshost exe config not updating

This process vshost is a wrapper around the debugger. For example, when you create a new WindowsApplication and hit F5, you may notice files named "WindowsApplication1. It also seems to be disabled if yo enable unmanaged code debugging in a managed code project, but I haven't found docs stating that as yet - just observation in my own work. Its purpose is to provide support for improved F5 performance, partial trust debugging, and design time expression evaluation. Consequently debuggers are not simple pieces of code. It allows design-time evaluation in the immdeiate window and it saves state between debug runs. But first an aside. It shouldn't be modified by the app running in test mode, since it may be intended that your app installs with a certain configuration, and updates during the normal course of operation. Therefore after each build you will have a brand new configuration file. More importantly the configuration subsystem is not impacted by this change at all. For most development you will edit the configuration file in VS. You can turn off the vshost process and then the only version ever created and run is the regular exe version. Instead when you add an Application Configuration File item to your project it is added to the root of the project and called app. At that time VS will overwrite the file with the root copy. The vshost process is started when VS loads a project that is using it. Asked By Amit Choudhary on May NET Framework comes to us with a System. If you build your app in Release mode and run it standalone, it should work as expected, and you should be able to permanently update your config. The alternative approach is to read the configuration file manually at runtime. Configuration namespace which is responsible for working with the configuration files like App. Security " So am I to assume then that I can never permanently modify the app. You also can customize how the common language runtime locates and loads assembly files by adding application configuration files app. These changes will be automatically seen when the program runs under the debugger. Some complex libraries follow this route but I cannot recommend it. The file must reside in the same directory as the executable. Many class libraries DLLs require configuration information.

Vshost exe config not updating

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