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Xilinx rtl schematic not updating

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Set the Register Balancing option to Yes see Figure Post-map and post-place and route netlists are not handled in this mode. Working with Hierarchical Netlists Step 3: Rebuilt Option This feature is not set by default, because it may increase XST synthesis runtime and could affect the accuracy of area estimation reports. There are several ways to expand the schematic. Take a look at how this is reflected in the Schematic View. Launching the Explorer Wizard Before you can view a schematic of your design, you need to select the elements you want to use as a starting point for your design exploration. Push the Previous Schematic button several times to get the following view, shown in Figure Hierarchical blocks are visible in hierarchical netlists only. Working with HierarchicalNetlistsObjectives The goal of this lab is to familiarize yourself with hierarchical netlists and to learn how you can manipulate hierarchical blocks during design analysis. The goal of this lab is to show you several methods to reduce design complexity and make the analysis process more efficient. Dealing with Large Designs Objectives. Using Schematic Viewer for Timing Analysis 3.

Xilinx rtl schematic not updating

They will be very helpful during the rest of the tutorial. We suggest you run tests of this option on your current design to ensure that synthesis runtime is acceptable. Menu control functions are accessible from specific or general toolbars and can be invokedfrom the menus. This toolbar contains the functions specific to the Schematic Viewer. Close all currently opened schematic tabs using the close window button. Visualizing the entire design on a single page is not practical. The input appears as shown in Figure Rebuilding Hierarchy Another way to generate a hierarchical netlist without a design performance impact is to use the Netlist Hierarchy option. Re-run the Synthesize - XST process. Basic Features24 Send Feedback www. Now you are ready to start the labs. If you want to incrementally expand nets, block pins, or ports, you can just point the cursor on the desired object and perform a left mouse double-click. Launching the Explorer Wizard 1. Select the following two tabs Figure , and close them using the close window button Figure Preserving Hierarchy XST enables you to either fully or partially preserve design hierarchy. Right-click the visualized flip-flop, and select Add Input Cone. Getting Started, for more information. You can continue to further expand as described in earlier lab segments. The new schematic appears as shown in Figure Post-map and post-place and route netlists are not handled in this mode. Then click the New button to add a new rule. Table gives an overview of Zoom operations and their access methods. In the Explorer Wizard, all hierarchical blocks including the top-level block are represented by the hierarchy symbol as shown in Figure X-Ref Target - Figure Figure Stopwatch Tech2 You can see many elements in this view. New Schematic40 Send Feedback www. Set the Keep Hierarchy option to No as shown in Figure

Xilinx rtl schematic not updating

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